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How to Proceed

This page allows you to use PayPal Checkout for your consulting hours purchase.

  1. Contact Dot to work out a package that meets your needs.
  2. Once you and Dot have agreed on a package, select it from the dropdown list of packages below, and click on the Pay Now button. This will take you to the PayPal Checkout page with your selection shown.
  3. If you already have a PayPal account, you can use it to check out.
    If not, you can indicate how you would like to pay for the purchase by entering your credit card information.
    Note: Only PayPal will have your private payment information. They do not share this with
  4. Once you have checked out, there will be a link on the PayPal page to return to
  5. Once we have received payment confirmation from PayPal, you will be able to proceed with your consulting. This should take no more than 24 hours.

Questions about how to check out? Send Dot an email at!

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